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Preparing for a quiz meet at the district, regional, and other levels.

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Welcome to the Leaders resources for the Nazarene Quizzing programs. Lots of stuff here for the organizer/leader. A note about the formats used on this site.

Before the Quiz

Here are some things to handle before the day of the quiz. Basically some check lists for yourself, the quizmaster, and the host church.

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The Day of the quiz

When it comes to the day of the quiz, things are more frenzied and therefore preparation is key. These resources will help you prepare and have the right forms on hand.

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It is always a good idea to have new people coming in to help you. Giving them some solid useful training can give them the confidence to rule and score properly. This in turn gives the coaches and quizzers the opportunity to do their absolute best. Without focusing on how the quiz is administered, they can get to the Word; and isn't that the objective?

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This information is, of course, not unique. There are multiple organizatoins, hundreds of districts and regions, and thousands of churches that participate in many ways. There a number of other web links that you might find useful.

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QTS - Quiz Tournament Stats Application

A database for gathering tournament statistics has been created and is offered to you for no charge. Provided you agree to the terms, it can be downloaded here

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Document Formats

There are a number of resources on this website. Most are available as PDF files as well as Word documents. These formats were chosen for their ubiquity. If by some chance you do not have these applications, they can be downloaded from the following locations:

There may be other applications that can read these formats. A search of the web may turn up some interesting things.